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    Yeah I know rules, boo! Yet we will need some common sense rules so that everyone gets along,
    and they will help tp keep this space is a haven for all.
    Rule 1
    No discussions about politics, religion, or sexual orientation. None! No exceptions, and first strike you’re out.
    Rule 2
    Keep things polite, be respectful. If you want to fight take it off this forum period. Fighting will not be tolerated.
    Rule 3
    Read and remember the rules about posting art/artisan items/crafts/videos/images in the
    Show Your Masterpieces topic.
    It is pinned to the top when you enter that topic by clicking the link. These rule apply to the entire forum with the exception of memes.
    Rule 4
    Buying, selling, and free items can be posted in the appropriate topic. Please honor your posts as the honor system is a big part of the trustI wish to foster on this forum, yet I have to list legalities to protect myself all the same.
    Once listed to the topic, which is open to the forum as a whole Avalon Art Studio, Gina Marie, it’s partners, and or affiliates are in no way responsible for transactions gone bad, or complaints about said transactions. That is between the buyer, the seller, the giver, and the gifted, and all such disputes are to go through personal private channels of your own. Don’t post them on the forum, or in a blog post reply. In such cases you can use the contact form to contact me, and show me your evidence, and relate in concise words the experience and
    I will make the decision on whether they are banned from the forum for good. By using the sell or free section of this forum you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

    There only four that isn’t to bad, is it.
    This forum was set up to be a neutral, safe place for artists of many ages and I want it to stay that way.
    Keeping to the rules will allow us to share, learn, and interact together in a peaceful environment filled with creativity.
    There only four that isn’t to bad, is it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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