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The studio has evolved over many years, and has changed names once. Formally known as Briar Moon Studio we are now Avalon Art Studio. We have always prided ourselves on quality crafted items, unique art, and caring customer service. The studio has even moved from it’s long time Star City location to the town of Winamac, in Indiana. Avalon is now running out of a multi-generational home that is filled with chaos and love. We have added a few new artists to the mix, and plan on hosting struggling older guest artists online shows to help them promote their work. With new artists come new creations and we want to provide another venue for older artist who are struggling to make ends meet.

We hope you enjoy browsing our added lines of artisan work after our super long down time. We now have custom made coffin shelves built to order. Our shelves are made out of recycled wood, come in three color choices, and are reasonably priced. There is a collection of unique up-cycled jars. You can store all kinds of things in these wonderfully artistically up-cycles. Each one is a one of kind creation. We also added many new one of kind items, crystals, and a jewelry section. Our DYI’s will be going to video soon, so join the mailing list to get weekly and monthly Studio updates, and to find out when our YouTube channel will go live. We have added an all new shopping experience and also have digital downloads available for your own art or craft projects. There are fantasy art prints, fan art prints, photography prints, freebies, and many other magically wonderful items to choose from in our new online shop.

One thing you won’t find at Avalon is a lot of in your face product branding, fancy packaging, and those types of trappings. We aim to use recycled materials when ever possible to ship our products. Product branding comes in the form of one business card with a lovely 15% code towards your next purchase of $35.00 or more. In the future we will invest in pre-made recycled boxes, and packing materials for the ease of use, but it isn’t going to be fancy, just brown box plain. We want out products to be the shining point of our brand, not the fancy boxes, labels, and tissue paper. This not only keeps costs down for our customers but helps out our planet, and it’s environment in a small way.

The Studio motto stays the same, Believe, Create, Dream. Here at Avalon, I sincerely wish you a bright, loving, and magical day, each and every day of the year’s wheel. Brightest Blessings.

Gina Marie

About Gina Marie:

My digital art is created using a digital mixed media process.
The tools I use to create my work are varied and many depending on my mood and needs at the time.
Daz 4, Carrara Pro 7, Bryce 7, Hexagon Pro, Poser 9, Vue, Adobe Photoshop CSS, Corel Painter 11, Paint Shop Pro, My Nikon,
Traditional Watercolors, Colored Pencil, Conte Watercolor Crayons, Acrylics, Oils, and my trusty well loved Wacom Tablet.

I also work in the tradition mediums without using digital tools. Canvas, watercolor papers, gourds, furniture, wood, metal, glass jars, etc. I quite simply love to create.
My newest creative obsession is dessert/food props, or as they are called sometimes “fake bakes” and making my own original silicone molds. If there is interest in my mold designs we even might add a line of molds to the shopping section of this site.

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