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Welcome to Avalon!

Welcome to the online home of creative artist Gina Marie, where reality is a figment of the imaGINAtion! Please feel free to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and browse through the galleries, blog, and market to your heart’s content. Grab some graphic freebies for personal design use, book a commission, or have fun looking through our creative DYIs.

Up-cycled, and re-designed one-of-a-kind items can be found in the shop. Check out our lovely hand-crafted coffin selves that come in flat black, or primed gray for the creative souls who wish to decorate their own. We have digital downloads that are unique and will give our craft or art project a fresh look.

Have a special project or piece of art you would like to be custom creation, please use our contact page so we might explore together what we can do for you as a client of Avalon. Looking for a custom coffin shelf use that contact form. Want to refresh your concrete statues, flowerpots, or outdoor lawn ornaments hit us with the contact floor and we can discuss your needs. Want a special wine bottle or glass jar upcycled and customizing, we can do that. We also design logos, gift cards, and business cards. To see a full list of our services please use the services link o on the left or click SERVICES here. Gina Marie has hand painted everything from guitar cases, business signs, murals, furniture, to race cars.
The artist and artisans of Avalon are always happy to work personally with their clients, and if we can’t fulfill your needs, we will do our best to recommend someone who can!

Want to keep up with what happening at Avalon, sign up for our monthly newsletterr, and quarterly special occasion newsletter. We’ll never sell your information to any thirs paries, nor spam you with hundreds of emails a month.

Questions, comments please use our contact form, and we will get back with ASP. Please don’t panic if it takes up to three to five business days to receive a reply.

“Life has a certain rhyme & rhythm, just as you have a heartbeat.
Each is intended to coexist in beautiful harmony.
Blended into a symphony so perfect, that each of us can attain
complete serenity by becoming one with in the song of life.” – Gina Marie

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