Welcome to the New Site
Welcome to the New Site

Please bear with us as we redesign our site. New features, secure shopping, and much more are coming shortly.

Loads of things happening at the studio. First our name change. Three of items of interest led to the studio dropping the long time Briar Moon brand. The first was loads of issues with an old web host that need not be mentioned. Every time they made a billing error, over six in one year's time, the held the Briar Moon site hostage until back and forth emails, and plenty of screen caps and bank records where exchanged. It got to be a real pain, and it is believed they were trying to clear out older sites that had been grandfathered in when they purchased the hosting company several years at a much lower rate than what they charge today. Second the studio was always being confused with the UK artist Briar. The last reason has to do with having to leave our country paradise for a new home in a small town. Frankly it hit us hard and it has taken us many months to really get settled and adjust. This period allowed us to rethink our business plan and branding. Just when the studio was prepared to open Covid19 hit and there were other concerns that had to be taken care before we could give the studio the attention it deserves. So after much consideration, and a year of learning to live life just a bit differently yet again in a two year period the conclusion was reached to re-brand under a new name.


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